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Referral Program

Would you like some FREE Money?

You’re probably wondering, “Have we gone nuts? Why on earth would they want to give me not one, but FIVE gift certificates?”

Well actually, we are not mad – in fact, we really do want to give you even more – thousands of dollars of FREE services as a matter of fact!

Wouldn’t you love to receive as many $ worth of computer services for FREE each year as you could get? Well here’s how you can:

Every time you visit, our staff will give you five x $15.00 gift certificates for you to give to your friends, family and work colleagues for them to use at our store. That’s $150 worth of certificates for you to give away. Pretty generous huh! Every time one of these  TrekSupport Referral  certificates comes back to us we will immediately give you a $15 credit to use in the store on any service your heart desires.

All you have to do is give out the certificates and as they come back you get FREE services. If all five come back you will have scored yourself $75 and then we will give you more! The amount of FREE services you can enjoy is limitless!

So simply for handing out some  Referral cards to friends or family that have not visited us before (or not for at least six months anyway) you get $15, $30, $45, $60 etc!

What could be simpler! So don’t deny yourself this great opportunity, get your cards and get out there and give, give, give away!

P.S. Each referral certificate has an expiry date on it so make sure when you hand them out you get your friends to book ASAP so you get $$!

Call NOW!  (604) 507-0553 or come in to Trek PC Computers and pick up your vouchers to refer your family and friends.