Trek PC Warranty Policy

Trek PC is happy to provide an industry leading 30 days warranty on the repairs that we perform. Please read the following carefully to see what is and isn’t covered.

Trek PC’s repair warranty is valid for 30 days starting from the date on your purchase receipt. Our warranty only covers the parts that were replaced as described on your receipt.

In order to claim your warranty, you will need to produce the original document provided to you when your device was repaired. If you are not able to produce the original copy, a picture of the original will suffice.

Our warranty on screen replacements only covers the screen that was repaired from defects directly from the manufacturer. We will not cover damage that has occurred due to end-user error. This includes but is not limited to cracks or lines caused by the end user dropping or impacting the device after it has been repaired.

The warranty is void if anyone other than a Trek PC Technician opens the device or if there is any water damage to the device. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The following will instantly void the Trek PC 30-day warranty:

  • The device has been dropped or damaged in any way once it leaves Trek PC’s location after the initial repair.
  • Any physical or water damage impacting the performance or function on the component that was replaced by Trek PC.
  • The device has been opened up by the end-user or any other person other than a Trek PC technician.
  • The internal LCD display has been damaged.

Should the device that you bring in for repair already be water damaged, the internal conditions may worsen while the device is being repaired. Trek PC employs highly skilled technicians to work on your device. In rare circumstances where the device is opened, water can spread to other areas of the phone which can impact the phone’s performance. Any damage caused to any a device that is already water damaged will not be covered.

Cracked LCD Information

A cracked LCD is only possible through end-user action. There may be instances where there are no visible cracks on the screen however there may be lines running across the screen. This is only possible through end user action such as a drop or impact to the device. Trek PC will not cover this damage under warranty.