MacBook Water Damage Repair Delta

Did you spill water, coffee, milk, wine or any kind of liquid on your MacBook accidentally? MacBook with Liquid Damage are often fixed at reasonable and affordable cost. Start between $100 to $550. Free Diagnostics nothing to loose.

How do you actually fix your MacBook liquid damage?

Trek PC is trying its level best to explain all the questions you have for water damage repair on a MacBook. Its very important to understand whats happens when water or any liquid has been spilled on you MacBook.

MacBook Liquid Damage

This is what corrosion looks like after a MacBook logic board has been exposed to liquid

Explanation: Liquid damage corrodes various components on the logic board. The most common issues no LCD backlight fade apple logo, keyboard and trackpad doesn’t work, battery is not charging or its just not turning on etc.

Normally what happens we don’t completely shutdown the MacBook, we just close the lid and that put the MacBook in to sleep mode but there is surge of power going along the circuits which can cause chips and capacitors to explode during the Water damage. Sometimes after the water damage it still works, but that can cause corrosion on capacitors and Chips just break the circuit that way too. The liquid damage must also be removed with a proper ultrasonic cleaner so it does not spread all over the logic board.

The early you bring it in its much easier to fix and it cost less time and money. As mentioned above now you know what happens when MacBook is water damage, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost to get it fixed.

Apple prices are way more higher that our repair cost. The minimum apple price starts from $850 to $1,600 to repair MacBook water damage. What they usually do is just replace the whole logic board but they don’t actually fix it which cost more money to consumer. Apple is more interested in selling you a new computer rather than letting you use your existing one.

Bring in you MacBook and give us some time for the diagnosis we will give you reasonable and affordable price for repair at the earliest.

We provide free estimate for the MacBook older that 2016 or with no touch bar. For all the newer models after 2016 there is a charge for $50 upfront to diagnose it. Which will be adjusted when the repair is done.

Stop using it after water damage, which is very important. So what should I do?

Hold the power button for 5 seconds for hard shutdown or shutdown properly ASAP. Do not try to power it up.

MacBook Water Damage

A corroded MacBook is a sad MacBook.

Short circuits and corrosion from the liquid damage make repair more difficult on MacBook when power is run through it. If you able to bring it in at earliest its easy and and may be able to repair the MacBook Pro liquid damage with a proper cleaning, which is cheaper.

Next book an appointment with us or just stop by during our operating hours. We will take your device in and then give you a call with an estimate.

Once the diagnose is done on your MacBook we will call and give you the estimate cost. On your approval we will get it fixed with in 2-6 business days. Some times it takes longer only if we have to order parts.

Being in this business from last 15 years we have a vast experience for Liquid damage MacBook repair. So our success rate is more that 96%.

We also offer a 1-month warranty on our MacBook water damage repair.

What should I do after a liquid spill on my MacBook?

First of all STOP using it, even its still working. Yes, you can flip the Macbook upside down and do some cleaning with the paper or towel. Turn it off and stop using it. The current circuit shoots up instead of 12 v it could be sending 17v to the logic board. Over voltage can damage the Capastors and cause corrosion on the logic board. Turning it on will make it worse as shown in the picture. You may be able to repair the Macbook Pro liquid damage with a cleaning rather than a deeper  chip level repair, which is cheaper and reasonable.

We suggest you to clean the Macbook right away with paper towel or cloth and hard shutdown right away. Do not try to turn it on or do not plug it in to the power it can cause short-circuit. Take it in diagnose.

Just bring it into Trek PC in Delta and we will have a look at it for you. Our initial diagnosis of the water damage (or any other kind of diagnosis) is free so you have nothing to lose by bringing it in.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by visiting our book appointment page. Keep in mind that because liquid damage repair is a service that cannot be done right away, appointments are not required because you will only be dropping your computer off. Walk-ins are welcome.

Where are you located?

Our Delta location is at Unit No.5 11161 84th Ave Delta BC V4C 2 K4. It’s on the cross street of 84th Ave and 112th St. in Delta in between Apollo Pizza and M&M Meat Shop.

How long does the water damage repair take?

Being doing Macbook Water Damage repair in-home and we have all parts available. Depending upon the water damage and workload, it could take 4 to 6 Bussiness days to fix. It takes little bit longer if we have to order the parts online. Our goal is to do the job ASAP.

How much does the MacBook water damage repair cost?

We do not have a set rate for the MacBook water damage repair since every situation is different. We do all our repairs in house and they can range anywhere from $100 – $550 depending on the extent of the damage.

Our estimates for MacBooks that do not have the thunderbolt ports (Older than 2016) are free! Newer models have a $50 diagnostic fee which is payable when you bring in the MacBook.

Please keep in mind that the MacBook water damage repair is a highly specialized job to accomplish and that it takes many years worth of experience to be able to complete the repair successfully.

A MacBook liquid damage repair at the Apple store can cost $840 – $1,440. We can guarantee that you will be paying much less than that with faster turnaround time.

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What customers are saying about our MacBook Water Damage Repair

Helped me recover data from my laptop after spilling water on the keyboard. Very quick, professional and overall amazing customer service. Would highly recommend. It was well worth going a bit out of the way for!
Julie Brewer★★★★★
I spilled coffee on my Macbook causing water damage and brought my computer to Apple. They quoted me $1,200 to fix it which left me pretty unhappy. I took my computer to Trek PC and they quoted me a fraction of the cost, while getting the job done very quickly for me!!

The customer service was impeccable and they walked me through the steps they’d be taking to fix my computer. 10/10 would highly recommend this spot!

Briana Cirillo★★★★★
O.M.G!! I thought my MacBook Air was toast when I accidentally spilled coffee on my keyboard. I had finals coming up and I thought I was a goner. I Googled MacBook Coffee Damage repair and these guys came up first. I came into the store freaking out and the staff there assured me that they would be able to bring it back to life — and they did! Highly recommended.
Bianca Garcia★★★★★
Spilled some ice tea on my 2017 MacBook Pro (wasn’t too happy about that). Googled repair for MacBook Ice Tea Spill Repair and these guys came up so I figured I’d give them a chance. They did a good job and the only reason I’m giving 4 stars is that it took them 5 days to do the repair instead of the 3-4 they said it would.
Sylvia Coleman★★★★
I stupidly knocked over my glass of water while I was working on an important research paper for school and it landed directly on the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. The computer shut off right away!

Immediately I started freaking out trying to figure out what I could do to get my work back and my computer running again. I went to the apple store and they told me I had to replace the logic board which would cost me $1,200 and that they would not be able to get my data back for me.

As you can imagine I was fuming at the thought of having to pay that much and not get my data back. I immediately started looking in google for other options and I found Trek PC. I’m so glad that I came here because not only were they able to get my data back but they also fixed up my MacBook for a lot less than what apple quoted me!

The staff was very friendly and helpful and they were able to get me up and running again quickly. Highly Recommended!

Zu Raymond★★★★★
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