MacBook Flexgate Repair Vancouver

Flexgate is a design flaw in the ribbon cable connecting the body of the Macbook to the display. The symptoms include stage lights on the screen and the screen going dark after closing it to a certain angle. Most people will fix it by replacing the whole screen but we have discovered a way to fix the existing screen.

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You shouldn’t have to pay for something if you don’t know all your options first. We believe in transparency and that is why all our initial diagnostics are done for free.

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Ever wonder “gosh why is there no MacBook water damage repair near me?” Well, wonder no more. We’re conveniently located at 4339 Dunbar Street (Dunbar & 27th) and are open 6 days a week. No appointment necessary.

Everytime you use your Macbook, you open and close the lid multiple times. Most modern laptops are designed so that a large number of these open/close cycles can take place without causing any issues to the end-user. However, due to a design flaw on the new MacBook Pro’s components using the laptop under normal conditions (opening and closing the lid), you may start to experience the following issues:

  1. Stage light effect –  You start setting stage lights at the bottom of your screen especially if you set the brightness to high.
  2. Backlight shutdown – Your screen goes black after opening the lid after a certain angle.

Initially, the fix for this was to replace the whole screen which runs about $1,200 Apple or $800 through third-party repair store.

We’re pleased to announce that we have discovered a way to repair this issue without replacing the screen and at a fraction of the price required to replace a screen.

We will be providing this service for $450 and can have your Macbook repaired within 2-3 business days.

Flexgate Repair VancouverThe stage light effect is shown on this MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.
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