MacBook Screen Replacement

Have you accidentally damaged the screen on your MacBook? Did you leave something in between the keyboard and the screen and then accidentally close the lid? It happens and we’re here to help you do a MacBook Screen Replacement in Vancouver.
MacBooks are some of the most beautiful, most sought after, powerful, and well-designed products from Apple. Generally, they are trouble-free and sometimes go on and on for years, without giving any trouble. However, just like everything else human-made, they are also vulnerable to several issues such as screen damage.MacBook screens may seem indestructible in hand due to the fact that they are made using high-quality construction materials. Still, those magnificent retina displays can pop and spiderweb just like any other screens out there.So, what do you do when your MacBook screen is damaged or faulty and you need a MacBook screen repair in Vancouver? You need to contact experienced technicians to help you fix the problem. That’s where Trek PC comes in.

Macbook Screen Replacement Vancouver

This is an example of a damaged macbook screen

But before we go further, let’s discuss a common shocking experience of MacBook users. Many people have complained that their MacBook screen just cracked by itself without any external force. But is this really possible?

Can MacBook Screen Crack by Itself?

A crack on your MacBook screen is caused by some form of force exerted on its screen. However, the intensity or the amount and kind of force exerted that causes cracks on the laptop screen can vary. On some models, just a small amount of force is required if applied perfectly to crack the LCD panel of the MacBook.

Sometimes, when customers bring in their cracked MacBook screen, we do see the impact point that caused the crack on the LCD panel; other times, it seems the screen began to crack from a sort of twisting motion. On some models, the screen’s LCD panel is so slim, and the metal housing is small to the point that it permits some bend in the display when opened or held by a corner. The LCD panels are very weak, so this slight twisting can cause the LCD panel to crack inside. Most times, this happens when the MacBook is placed in a backpack that is excessively full.

Another situation that makes people believe that the MacBook screen cracked by itself is when a little, not easily observable, crack has formed from a hit, drop, or bend. The little crack in the LCD remains so little that it isn’t obvious for quite a while. Then sooner or later, something makes the crack expand just like how a windshield crack will expand in a chilly climate after going over a bad road. So it may appear that your perfect MacBook screen just unexpectedly cracks with no outer impact or force, but in reality, there was a little crack that was aggravated by something that normally wouldn’t have caused any problem.

Broken Macbook Screen Replacement Vancouver

A damaged MacBook screen can be very frustrating.

Another type of MacBook screen damage people experience is a vertical bar on the screen. This might be a software or hardware problem. You can try to connect the MacBook to an external monitor and see if the display is fine. If the display is fine, then you have a hardware problem but if not it’s a software problem. The hardware problem can be caused by a failing ribbon cable connected to the LCD panel or it could be the logic board or the data cable is faulty. In any case, the best way to determine the fault is to bring it to our technician for free diagnostics. Most times, the best way to fix this issue is to replace the whole LCD panel or the damaged cable.

Furthermore, if you frequently cover your MacBook laptop’s camera when it’s not in use, you probably might want to think twice before closing it without removing the cover. This is because covering your MacBook camera and closing it can cause your screen to crack. Apple recently published this information on their support page and warned users not to leave their camera cover on when closing their laptops. A failure to do so will probably damage the laptop’s screen because the clearance between the laptops’ screen and its keyboard is designed to very tight tolerances.

How can Trek PC help with MacBook Screen Replacement Vancouver?

Regardless of the issues, you’re facing with your MacBook laptop, we can assist you with getting it back into the best possible working condition. Rather than paying exorbitant fees to get your MacBook laptop fixed at the Apple store, contact us at Trek PC to get it fixed at an affordable fee as fast as possible. We offer all forms of MacBook repair, from damaged screens to keyboard problems to data recovery, at an affordable price handled by the best of the best-certified technicians.

Has your MacBook laptop screen seen better days? Don’t worry; it is not the time to give up on your precious device – it is still very well possible to fix or replace the screen.
Check below for our MacBook screen replacement pricing and a great turnaround time you can’t get anywhere else.

MacBook Pro – 14″ (2021 A2442)
14″ Apple M1 Pro (NEW)
$950Same day*
MacBook Pro – 16″ (2021 A2485)
16″ Apple M1 Pro (NEW)
$1150Same day*
MacBook Air – 13″ (2011 – 2017)
13″ non-retina model
$350Same day*
MacBook Air – 13″ (2018-2020)
13″ retina model with Touch ID
$475Same day*
MacBook Air – 13″ (2021-Above)
13″ retina model with Touch ID
$550Same day*
MacBook Pro – 13″ (2016 – 2019)
13″ retina model (space gray/silver)
$599Same day*
MacBook Pro – 13″ (2020 – Above)
13″ retina model (space gray/silver)
$649Same day*
MacBook Pro – 15″ (2016 – 2019)
15″ retina model (space gray/silver)
$849Same day*
MacBook Pro – 15″-16″ (2020 – Above)
15″ retina model (space gray/silver)
$849Same day*
MacBook Pro – 13″ (2013 – 2015)
13″ retina model (silver)
$749Same day*
MacBook Pro – 15″ (2013 – 2015)
15″ retina model (silver)
$849Same day*

* Same day turnaround if we have the screen available in stock.

Do I need an appointment for a MacBook Screen Replacement?

No, customers do not need to schedule appointments to have their device’s screen replaced. However, note that walk-in services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are in a haste, come a little after our stores opening time, drop off your MacBook and pick up the finished work that same day.

What happens if you don’t have my screen in stock?

As earlier mentioned, we do all we can to have as many MacBook screens as possible in hand so we can deliver prompt service. If we happen not to have the screen you need in stock then we would immediately place a direct order for your device’s screen from the factory in China. The screen would then arrive within 3-7 business days.

What do you do with my old screen?

Trek PC believes in environmental sustainability, that’s why we recycle old MacBook Screens responsibly. Putting old screen in the trash is dangerous for the environment and those who live in it.

We are a member of the CWTA created recycling program.

How long does it take to do the MacBook Screen Replacement Service?

When you hand your MacBook over to us for screen replacement, it will take around 60 minutes to two hours for us to work our magic, depending on the model of your MacBook. You can make inquiries over the phone about how long it would take us to repair your device and we would give you a rough estimate of the time we would need when you give us your model number.

Keep in mind that our repairs are on a first come first serve basis unless you have an appointment.

How do I book an appointment for my service?

You can book an appointment by calling us at (604) 222-2655 or by going to our Book Appointment page for MacBook Screen Replacement Service. Alternatively, you can email us at We can usually get you in on the same or next day.

Keep in mind that appointments are not required to get your MacBook Screen replaced in our Vancouver location.

Where are you located?

Our Vancouver location is at 4339 Dunbar Street, Vancouver BC V6S 2G2. It’s on the cross street of Dunbar St & 27th Ave in Vancouver right across the street from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Do you have questions about the MacBook Screen Replacement Service?